Louvois, Laurent Perrier’s showcase for a quarter of a century

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Reserved to accomodate Laurent Perrier’s customers, the Louvois castle is a charming Champagne household where chef Valérie Marchandise highlights the local wines thanks to a very bourgeois cuisine.

Destroyed, then rebuilt room after room in the 17th century, it would take more than this entire magazine to tell the story of Louvois castle. One can remember that the park and main building were finished in 1681, belonging to François Michel Le tellier, Marquis of Louvois. Almost one century later, the castle became the property of Louis the 15th daughters, before being confiscated by the Revolution. In 1826, the castle is brought down, and the stones and wood works up for sale. Fifty years later, Frédéric Gabriel Chandon de Brailles brings it back to its ancient splendor. During the first world war, it became a field hospital. In a more contemporary mode, the castle was bought by Bernard de Nonancourt in 1989, 25 years ago. « The original idea was to transform Louvois into a showcase for our Grand Siècle Cuvée, our most prestigious cuvée with a solid image. » says Valérie Marchandise, intendant and Chef cook of the castle. Moreover, « Monsieur de Nonancourt wished thus to promote French élégance and art de vivre. »
Nowadays, only Laurent Perrier’s guests enjoy this superb mansion. Lunch, dinner or 24 hours stopovers, the Company’s friends are welcome by a very professionnal team lead by Valérie marchandise.

Jean-Baptiste Duteurtre

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