Laurent Gillet, the Aube and Marne union advocate

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Born in a long family tradition of wine grower, Laurent Gillet is by all means a typical Champagne Citizen. For business purposes, he tirelessly travels through the Marne and Aube department.


The thin and slender 62 years old Laurent Gillet looks like a long distance runner. Born in Neuville sur Seine, south of Troyes, he has no regards for mileage. One day in the Bars area, the next day in the heart of Reims. The man is in perpetual motion. But what is the reason for all this running around ? the answer comes in a smile. « I love responsabilities, and I am passionately in love with Champagne as a product, and as a region. Having wine growers as share holders is great ! I’ve always been attracted by the idea to defend and protect those men and women so deeply rooted in their traditions. » Always ! that is indeed the right word since Pierre, the father, founded the Neuville sur Seine coopérative. Laurent Gillet walks in his father’s footsteps. The son quickly established himself as a serious negotiator within the Champagne industry. He started out working for Union Auboise, where he scaled the ladder step by step towards the top executive position of this eleven cooperatives strong association of the « côte des bars » area.
Aux yeux de Laurent Gillet, la coopération constitue un pôle de stabilité au sein de la filière champagne. Particularité notable dans l’univers viticole régional, Laurent Gillet a donc un pied dans la Marne à la tête de Jacquart et l’autre dans l’Aube chez Devaux. L’homme reconnaît les nombreuses différences entre les aires de production. Pour autant, il les perçoit comme des atouts. « Aujourd’hui, la Champagne est ce mélange entre les quatre grandes régions que sont la côte des Blancs, la montagne de Reims, la vallée de la Marne et la côte des Bars. Certes, l’Aube ne compte aucun des 17 villages en 100 % grands crus mais son terroir possède un réel potentiel. Parfois, la position de challenger permet de progresser plus facilement… » Et de conclure : « C’est vrai, la tentation de créer une appellation propre au département a existé mais, aujourd’hui, l’Aube fait partie intégrante de la famille champenoise. »
In Laurent Gillet’s eyes, the cooperative system represents a strong and stable pole within the Champagne business. Noteworthy is Laurent Gillet dual executive position, with one foot in the Marne area, as the Jacquart boss, and one in the Aube department, leading Devaux. The man knows how to differentiate these two production sectors. All these différences are actually strong assets. « Today, the Champagne area covers four main regions, the Côte des Blancs, the Reims mountain, the Marne valley and the côte des Bars (Bars ridge). Yet, the Aube area does not cover any of the 17 villages that produces 100% grands crus, but the territory show great potentials. Sometimes, as a runner up, you get to move ahead much faster. » And to conclude : « Truely, there has been a temptation to create a specific name for the department but today, the Aube completely belongs to the Champagne family. »

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