Isabelle Tellier, the Chanoine Tsarin

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Cellar Master for the Reims based company Chanoine, Isabelle Tellier provides the six cuvées a specifically feminine touch.

Cellar Master of the brand Tsarine, a brand from the Chanoine company, Isabelle Tellier is a Champagne lady with a low profile. « I like to work in the field, take part at the wine tasting, or follow production. » And, with a glittering smile : « I like the job. Champagne is a wonderful product. »
In her younger age, Isabelle Tellier did not imagine becoming a Cellar Master. Her professional resumé is connected with a decisive meeting with Jacky Peters, the legendary Cellar Master for Veuve Clicquot. He’s the one who convinced her to look into oenology. « I had a taste for good things, somewhat of an epicurian. Jacky Peters noticed that and really encouraged me to follow that track by hiring me for a seminar. »
Today, she does not regret her choice. « The job is very creative. I elaborate wines that I try to make slender, elegant and subtle. » Those characteristics fit and reveal the utter feminine personnality of the Cellar Master in her trade. « I think women are more sensitive to smelling than men. You can see that in the perfume industry… » An asset pushed forward in the communication campaign for tsarine. « A Champagne elaborated like a Perfume. »

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