” Gosset’s future lies in the persistence of excellence “

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Jean Pierre Cointreau, Champagne Gosset Chairman celebrates this year the 430th anniversary of the brand’s foundation, and the 20 years since Renaud Cointreau Group owns the brand. Interview.

Bulles & Millésimes. Champagne Gosset shall celebrate two birth dates in 2014 ; its 430th birthday and the 20th anniversary of its taking over by the Renaud Cointreau Group ; which one matters the most ?

Jean-Pierre Cointreau :The main event is quite obviously the creation 430 years ago of the Gosset winery by Pierre Gosset in 1584. We are particularly proud to be the oldest wine producer in Champagne country, proud of our history and proud of our heritage.

The French magazine Revue du vin de France (RVF) ranks Gosset fourth among the best Champagne brands. Sounds like a nice reward….
It is indeed a true recognition of our work and for the entire line of products. The RFV experts have praised the improvements developped these past fexw years on all our products by all of our teams. It is a global satisfaction for the entire personnel, that we share with all our importers all over the world.

Could one of the key to your successes be the positionning of Gosset which is by nature an « average sized » company with plenty of room to work quietly away from the usual Frenzy ?
We have deliberately chosen to remain a small business in order to maintain our quality standarts. Should we be selling dozens of millions of bottles a year, it would be more difficult to offer high quality wines. Our know how and excellence has been recognized when the french President awarded us the Label d’Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant. Only two Champagne companies have received this label (the second one being Bollinger). In the same way, we are proud to have been awarded in 2010 the Label de l’Excellence Française. To excell is the kind of verb Gosset sure knows how to use.

 How do you see Gosset’s future ?
Gosset’s future lies with a reasonable growth, in order to maintain a high quality while in the meantime increasing the brand international reputation. Gosset must grow, in order to guarantee the international distribution of the brand.

Jean-Baptiste Duteurtre

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