Edouard Brun : the oak wood, a flavor’s discloser

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In Aÿ, Edouard Brun produces some 200 00 bottles a year. The use of barrels as part of the wine making process is one of his trademarks. A rationalized method that brings atypical results.


Along with his parents and Brother Philippe ; Emmanuel Delescot now runs House Edouard Brun, located in the very heart of Aÿ. This is where the infamous Chardonnays, so popular anywhere else, are eclipsed by the Pinots of the Reims Hills, especially the black ones, that made for the House specificity.
In the wine making process of the majority of the 7 cuvées, wine passes through oak barrels. « We use old 600 liters oak barrels, some being over 40 years of age. Two types of fermentation, the alcoholic and the malolactic ones, happen within those barrels. We’re not trying to instill a wooden taste, but rather underline the specific character of our cuvées ».
Specifies Emmanuel Delescot. Thus, the Réserve Premier Cru, the Millésime, the Rosé or even the Grande cuvée all bear testimony of this particuliar wine making process. « We are therefore able to produce powerful wines, with heavy flavors sprinkled with a taste of honey. We produce the kind of wine we love. » emphasizes the Champagne manager. This strong interest for the use of oak barrels is deeply rooted within the family history, Edouard Brun being the son of a barrel maker.

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