Bios wedding in Monaco

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It is quite naturally with a bottle of Bio Champagne « Bruno Michel » that Paolo Sari celebrated his very first star in the Michelin guide. The italian chef in charge of Elsa restaurant, in the Relais&Châteaux Monte Carlo Beach in Monaco. To this very fine place located virtually on the Mediterranean sea, he has brought a true biological cuisine, using natural sea and country ingredients from the Côte d’Azur and Italy’s western coast. To accompany the dishes mostly composed with fish and vegetables, the cook strongly advertises Champagne as the ideal wine. « My cuisine does not include explosive flavors. Champagne perfectly underlines my compositions. » Without any red meat on the menu, it becomes easier to prepare tasty mixes. The Chef suggests therefore Champagne to go along his artichokes, salmons or caviar sandwiches. He also recommands it for San Remo taile shrimps entrées, that come with fennel, bergamot and Provence herbs flavors. Always on the hunt for tasty sensations, Paolo Sari has also conducted several tests before suggesting at the end of a meal a rosé Champagne sorbet or a nitrogenous Cristal Champagne.
Following his high class expériences in famous places in England, Korea or Japan, the cook admits his very personnal interest in Champagne. « I remember my very first glass. It was in Italy and I was 22. I wanted to celebrate ea very special event (He would not say which !) and I walked into a restaurant. I bought a bottle of the Maxim cuvée, which I savoured immensely. »

Pave de queues de crevettes rouge de san remo - Paolo Sari

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