Ayala and the awakening of a sleeping beauty

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Champagne Ayala bets on its youthful team to recover its past splendor. Owned since 2005 by its neighbor Bollinger, the Ay based House expects to reach the million bottles mark in the near future.

In the eighties, Ayala used to sell over one million bottles of champagne a year. Then, the Beauty fell asleep on its own laurels. It lost market shares and its sales dropped to a historic low of 400 000 bottles in 2005, when the prestigious Bollinger family eventually bought it.
Hadrien Mouflard now runs the Aÿ based House. At 33, he manages a 16 people strong company with one specific goal, reintroduce Ayala among the close circle of seven figures bottle selling companies.
For now, the manager works on giving Ayala its own personality. Overshadowed by the main House, Ayala has too many times been presented as Bollinger’s second wine. « This is not exactly the right strategy, because our wines have very distinctive qualities. We must developp our own image. » In january 2014, Ayala changed visuals. The new designs, with a overwhelming black background aim at a contemporary yet clean looks., « We’ve been researching the House history in depth. Black was already in use in the twenties publicity campaigns. »
On the winery side, the whole line has been revisited. Only five out of the previous 9 references still remain. The House still cherrishes its original philosophy : keep the dosage at a minimum. Light, affordable Champagnes are Caroline Latrive’s, the Cellar Master, trademark. « I keep a strong interest in Chardonnay and strongly support lightly dosed wines. They must get a chance to mature naturally » says the oenologist.

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