At the Negresco, French Luxury comes with Champagne

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If the Promenade des Anglais Boulevard is a symbol of the french Riviera, the Negresco Hotel stands like a lighthouse above the promenade attracting everyone’s attention.

This symbol of luxury expands all the way to the tables of the hôtel restaturant, the Chantecler and its two stars in the Michelin Guide, run by chef Jean-Denis Rieubland. Here Champagne rules as a king. « It awakes your taste buds » says in a malicious tone the head chef, adding : « It is ideal for a mix of sea foods, and this is where the idea to create a Champagne- Lobbster menu came from. But one can also combine Champagne and sea sass or even caviar, depending on your inspiration. » The head cook loves Champagne and admits a strong interest in associating red fruits desserts and rosé. The house cellar holds over 50 brand references. And one can feel the true love for the prestigious yet fun aspects of Champagne, « a product that strikes strong impressions. »

Jean-Baptiste Duteurtre

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