Aaron Claxton : “drinking at 30,000 ft changes the characteristics of champagne”

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Aaron Claxton is the manager catering services of Cathay Pacific.

Can you explain us how you select champagne for Cathay Pacific ?
Cathay places a lot of emphasis on its onboard wine and beverage proposition and thus employees a specialized team to handle the selection process .
This activity  is unlike traditional wine selection due to the complexities that serving and drinking at 30,000 ft  changes the characteristics from that sampled on the ground .
Our in-flight wines at Cathay Pacific are selected via a  tender exercise, with the exception of Champagne.  As the Champagne market fluctuates quite a bit from time to time, to guarantee a stable supply with consistent price, we choose to work with prestige and reliable champagne houses on a long term basis.


How comes true the selection?
The major Champagne Houses we are working with are Krug, Deutz and Billecart Salmon.


What have to be the qualities of a champagne so that it is on the wine list of Cathay?
The styles of Champagne being poured on board are diverse. For example in FCL, we are serving Krug Grand Cuvee  and Amour de Deutz, a blanc de blanc, which is at the other end of the style spectrum. Both champagnes are among some of the best in the styles, while showing its uniqueness in characters and consistency in quality over the years.


Have you a possible work on the agreements between dishes been of use to edges and wines?
Our wines including champagne , are often pared with our in-flight menu dishes and this is very evident as found in our signature “Caviar and Krug service” within our first class cabin.

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